The birth of the 2017 vintage

Not for a long time in Bordeaux has their been a trio of great vintages and even if we think this has happened on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, it might be several years before some people believe us. For …

A Frosty start to the Bordeaux Campaign

Just as Bordeaux began to start selling the much touted 2016 wines “en primeur”, Bordeaux as well as many other wine regions throughout Europe was hit with a devastating frost on the nights of the 26th and the 27th April when temperatures dropped to around -3°C to -4°C.

Wine & Sulphur

Sulphur in wine is one of those highly emotive and quite controversial subjects. So before we start debating this subject, I should start by giving you a few facts: ALL WINES contain sulphur dioxide in some form that are usually known collectively as sulphites.

What are we drinking?

We think it is important to know when a wine is ready to drink. However much we try and guess when a wine reaches its aging peak, it is far from a perfect science and how a wine ages and how a wine tastes from one day to another can vary incredibly.

2016 Harvest

This month, I have given over my usual blog to my godson, Augustine Bowe who spent October with us in Bordeaux helping with the harvest and winemaking.