What are we drinking?

We think it is important to know when a wine is ready to drink. However much we try and guess when a wine reaches its aging peak, it is far from a perfect science and how a wine ages and how a wine tastes from one day to another can vary incredibly.

On this section of the Blog, several of us at Thienpont Wine will tell you what we have been drinking and how the wines tasted including trying to give you an update on how a wine is aging. We’ll share our experiences and our tasting notes and let you know with what dishes we matched with the wines. These notes will appear in either Flemish, French or English depending upon who is posting the tasting note.

This idea came to us when Alexander and Fiona were last in Burgundy and realised that several of our clients have difficulty knowing when to drink these wines. This is because the wines do not have the same aging curve as Bordeaux wines do. They tend to age in waves with troughs in between where the wine doesn’t seem to be communicating with you. This can often be sorted out by aeration (how many of you have come across a dumb wine left in the decanter overnight, only to find it sublime and soft and ready to drink the next day?) Knowing how a vintage is drinking can help you take the guesswork out of your cellar.

Fiona Morrison
Master of Wine
We have a small collection of these magnificent half bottles of freshly drawn Fino en Rama – a wonderful pure fino sherry with tangy acidity, great finesse and length, fine umami flavours and a lovely smoky, dry finish. I love this sherry as an aperitif or with a few almonds or slices of pata negra ham.

Fernando De Castilla- Fino En Rama

€ 11.20
Excl. Tax: € 9.26

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