1. Churchill’s Mulled Wine
    Here's our favourite mulled wine recipe that will surely keep you warm.
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  2. Broiled Salmon
    An extremely addicting and easy salmon recipe for every occasion.
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  3. Asparagus risotto
    A simple recipe for this Italian dish.
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  4. Lemony Green Beans With Almond Breadcrumbs
    A fresh and zippy side dish which makes a nice counterpoint to other rich foods.
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  5. Marmalade-glazed ham
    Impress your guests with this baked glazed ham, jazzed up with caramelized orange slices.
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  6. Dauphine Potatoes with Leeks
    These potatoes are the perfect accompaniment for any special meal. The great thing about this recipe is that it can be assembled a day in advance in a plate. This way you can enjoy the time with your guests.
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