Thienpont Wine is a well-established wine importer and wine merchant based at Hof te Cattebeke,
Etikhove since 1842 (12 years after Belgium became an independent country.) It prides itself on its family values, on its international reputation and the quality of the wine selection. Building on the Thienpont family roots in Bordeaux (family members own such well-known estates as L’IF, Le Pin, Chateau Pellebouc, Chateau Puygueraud and Vieux Chateau Certan), the Thienpont Wine selection’s main strengths lie in Bordeaux. The Thienponts have a treasured position on the “Place” de Bordeaux (where all classified Bordeaux is traded) as well as great contacts with small growers throughout the region. 

The Thienpont Wine selection covers the great wine regions of France as well as personal favourites from Italy, Spain and Germany. 

The Thienpont team is a small but dedicated group of employees based in the Flemish Ardennes near Oudenaarde.
The average age of employment with the company is over ten years. Several of the team make up the Thienpont tasting panel which samples new wines every two weeks or so, to make up the Thienpont selection. 

They are all happy to give you help and guidance about our wines. 

Here is a chance to meet them:

Fiona Morrison M.W.

Belgium’s only female Master of Wine, Fiona ‘s career in wine has spanned over 30 years on both sides of the Atlantic.  Born in America, of British parents, she travels the world in search of great new wines.  When she is back at her desk at Hof te Cattebeke, she manages the Thienpont Wine team and still finds time to write wine articles and books, do the wine selection for Brussels Airlines and be involved with the family’s Bordeaux estates.  She met Jacques in Bordeaux  20 years ago and together they have built up Thienpont Wine to be the respected wine merchant that it is today.

Jacques Thienpont

Jacques probably needs no introduction, so well known is he for the incredible rise of his tiny estate, Le Pin in Pomerol. He spent most of his career working with his uncle Gérard in the family wine business and took over the company on Gérard’s death in 1995. Apart from running his three Bordeaux estates, Jacques other passion is architecture and the restoration of the family domain in Etikhove takes up much of his time. 

Katrien Goeminne

Katrien is our longest serving employee, (since 1998) who plays the invaluable role as our accountant and bookkeeper. (We even give Katrien her own office; so important is it that she has the calm necessary to keep our clients accounts and ours in order). Katrien also helps out in a myriad of other ways in the office; you will often speak with her on the telephone when you call us.

Amandine Coustenoble

Amandine brings lots of energy, organization and social skills to her job as Communication Assistant.  By coincidence,  she lives in a neighbouring village and has a French restaurateur father and a Flemish mother, Amandine attended Spermalie Hotel and Tourism school and has a Bachelor degree in Office Management and Event Planning.  She is quickly bringing us all into the 21st century with her social media and marketing plans.  Needless to say, she has graduated as Aspirant Sommelier and is now continuing her studies Sommelier Conseil at Syntra.

Satinder Raj

Joining us from the banking sector is Satinder Raj, responsible for logistics, whose Indian roots account for his skill with numbers and with our computer operating system. He manages the traffic of our wines: from the producer to our warehouses and from our warehouses to our many clients, now spread over the whole world. At the end of the day, he leaves for the gym to work off the stress of staying so focused on his job.

Pascal Vertriest

Pascal is our warehouse manager, tasked with keeping our wine inventory in order and especially for making sure that our clients receive their wines in the best conditions possible. Passionate about fine wine (as well as fine cars), Pascal holds the Sommelier diploma from Syntra and teaches wine courses locally. He also finds the time to look after several important local customers.

Kassandra Logé
  1. joined us in summer 2018 and adds a touch of glamour and feminine efficiency to our warehouses which she looks after with great precision and keeps them beautifully organised. You will also see her occasionally behind the wheel of one of our delivery vans. Her greatest passion is motocross which she does with her four year old son; at weekends they travel around Belgium together to participate in competitions.
Serge De Geyter

Serge is our jack-of-all trades: he helps out in the warehouse; he is our second delivery man; he looks after the maintenance of the buildings and the cellars; he helps set up wine tastings. In fact every task that comes up, Serge does it with a big smile. His love of cooking, gardening and wine is much appreciated by the Thienpont team.

Bart Mornie

Bart is our faithful chauffeur, ready to leave our premises at the crack of dawn to brave the traffic and deliver your wines timely and efficiently. He sees most of the great cellars in Belgium and is well known to many of our clients. Bart is involved in several local activities, especially the Scouts, where he can indulge his love for outside adventures.

Charles Van Havre

Charles’ career started in the navy and merchant navy until he caught the wine bug, thanks to his great friend and Thienpont cousin, Paul de Moor. He was international export director of Kreglinger Wines, for several years before he joined the Thienpont Wine team as an independent consultant handling private customers and several key accounts. When not marketing wine, Charles can be found in fine restaurants, good shooting estates and top golf courses.

Steven Vancanverberghe

Steven is not just a pretty face, although we will tell you that he was once runner up in the Mister Flanders beauty competition. One of Thienpont Wine’s biggest fans, he has taken a sabbatical from 20 years of government service (are we allowed to say that he was in the police force) to follow his passion for wine, especially Bordeaux & Burgundy. A great sportsman and passionate about so many great things in life, he joins Alexander and Charles as a Sales Manager to ensure that our wines are chosen by the most discerning of Belgium wine drinkers. Like Amandine, he is following the Sommelier Conseil courses.

Alexander De Raeymaeker

Our nephew (son of Jacques’ sister Anne De Raeymaeker) had a baptism of fire when he joined us last year, as his first job was to oversee the implantation of a new operating system and website.  An independent consultant, Alexander’s responsibilities include I.T. and wine sales and overseeing our Vinamoressence project.   What he enjoys best is travelling to wine regions to taste the new vintages and meet the producers.  He is Fiona’s right hand and the latest link in the chain of family management.  Oh, and needless to say, he is also doing his WSET wine studies.  

The Dogs

Last but not least, if you visit us at Hof te Cattebeke, you are sure to meet our dogs. Sadly the doyenne of the pack, Dizzy died at the end of the wine harvest 2018. Her son, Hiccup, the remaining chocolate brown German short haired pointer is our guard dog. Our newest recruit in the canine sector, Roxy, a young, black Spanador (half Springer Spaniel, half Labrador) is in charge of the welcoming committee. Both live on the premises and are sure to give you a warm, if somewhat slobbery, greeting.