Great Wines for Grilling Season

Fire up the charcoals—it’s grilling season!

Finally, grill covers are coming off, smokers are being fired up and invitations are going out for the event that’s gone missing far too long: the backyard barbecue. This occassion calls for some special bottles of wine. To help you out on that front, we did the work for you. Below you can find our favourite wines to enjoy al fresco this summer.

All-Around Crowd-Pleasers
Take your cookout to the next level with our Grilling Wines Case. From the apéro, crisp whites to bold reds, you’ll love sipping on these bottles all summer long. 

Made for… Meats
When cookin’ up mouth-watering meats, you’ll want your wine to have flavors that can hold their own to the robust smoky flavours of the grill. Bold reds are your best bets, where the rich fruit flavors come alive when served with juicy steak tips and burgers, and a spicy touch to enhance that fresh, hot-off-the-grill taste. Why not use this as an ideal occasion to discover some delicious, good value wines?

Fresh from the sea Fish
Whether cooked in foil or placed directly on the grill, an open flame really enhances your elegant fish and seafood recipes. A sizzling fish on the barbecue calls for a zingy, crisp white wine, but 'meatier' fish such as tuna or monkfish work really well with elegant reds too. Try one today! 

Finger licking Poultry
Grilled chicken, a summertime classic. While often combined with white wine, the grill adds a deeper, smokier flavour and thus asks for a wine with a little more body to it. If you keep your grilled chicken quite simple and pure than you have lots of pairing options. However, because of the smoky flavors infused in the meat, grilled chicken goes great with wines that have seen some oak aging.

Market-fresh Veggies
Heads Up: vegetables always taste better on the grill. We don’t make the rules! So, go to the farmer's market and load up on fresh summer produce like bell peppers, aubergine, fennel, tomatoes and sweet corn and toss them on the grill to elevate their flavours. To complement them best, you’ll want a crisp, wine with bright acidity.