Aah, the summer season has arrived. Brimming with fresh fruits and veggies, alfresco dining and an all around vibrant ambience, it invites us to match our wine choices to suit the mood. Here’s what we’re pulling out of our cellars as we slip into summer. 

Summer Sparkles

Don’t miss out on the joy of drinking a cold glass of bubbly on a hot day. We love how a bottle of bubbles offers just the right level of stone fruit and or orchard flavors to bring the scent and taste of summer to life. Pairs perfectly with all your summer apéro moments.

Crisp whites

Summer is a great excuse to drink some exciting, fresh, crisp, and refreshing white wines. The wines in this category are made to go from ice to table all summer long. These food-friendly favourites are perfect to enjoy with fresh veggies, seafood or light meals with grilled fish for example. 

Refreshing rosé

The embodiment of summer. Though enjoyed by wine enthusiasts all year round, there’s something about the red fruit, citrus, and mineral notes of rosé that jives with super fresh seasonal herbs and produce that comes to the market this time of year. And the serve-chilled personality of rosé makes it perfect to enjoy at the poolside, beach and patio. The ultimate “second glass because we’re thirsty” wines. 

Chillable reds

Chillable reds are light bodied, with fresh fruit or spice notes, that profit from a slight cooling. Not like “just pulled from an overnight in the fridge” cold, but rather opt for 30ish minutes in the refrigerator. Gamay is one of the icons in this category, but other reds such as Pinot Noir are good players for a cool touch. For gentle summer sipping, these are excellent with fresh salads, soft cheese, salty snacks, or as apéro. 

Gril friendly red

The arrival of summer also announces the start of grilling season and many meals will be cooked over an open flame. You’ve got your basic grilling fare: burgers, sausages, and steaks but there are also grilled veggies, seafood, shellfish, salads, and even pizza. You might even experiment with using smoke and spice in addition to fire (the options are endless!). Rustic and full-bodied reds are our go-to for most fire-grilled food.