Thienpont’s Wine Gift Guide for every wine lover on your gift list

Finding the perfect present can stump even the most thoughtful gift giver so we at Thienpont Wine have put together our Gift Guide to help you choose the perfect selection for every wine lover on your list.

If you’re anything like us, your shopping list probably contains a few interesting characters!  We have listed seven types of wine lovers that you might recognize and we have selected the perfect wine gift for every single one of them. From the expert who knows everything about wine to the newbie who is just starting out on the wine road. We have commissioned the talented Bordeaux artist, Arnaud Faugas, to create drawings for each gift package. 

Fun, festive and delicious, treat your friends and family to these unique wine gifts, provided they’re all of legal drinking age. Consider it our gift to you.



  1. Mr. & Mrs. Doubt
    €37.50 €30.99
    Let’s face it, wine is a complicated subject – there is just so much choice out there! Better to find one or two wines with a famous name that you have heard of and serve them on all occasions; that way you will always be sure that you make the right choice. Wines: - Château Puy-Blanquet 2014, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru - Domaine Thomas, Le Pierrier 2017, Sancerre
  1. The Bon Vivant
    €82.50 €68.18
    Wine is one of the greatest pleasures in life and no Bon Vivant could possibly conceive of a meal without at least one great bottle circulating around the table. From fine champagnes and sherries to whet the taste buds to luxury cognacs to savour at the end of a dinner, the Bon Vivant knows how to enjoy wine on any occasion. Wines: - Billecart-Salmon, Brut, Champagne - Ragnaud-Sabourin, Grand Champagne n°4, Cognac
  1. The Engaged Wine Newbie
    €28.00 €23.14
    Starting off for the first time in their own apartments, newbies perhaps don’t know much about wine but they know that wine is an important part of socializing and entertaining. Keen to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, they constantly read blogs and wine guides, subscribe to wine magazines and try and learn as much as possible. Wines: - Atlantic Way 2016, Rias Baixas D.O. - Cassagnes de la Nerthe 2015, Côtes du Rhône Villages
  1. The Everyday Loyal
    €33.00 €27.27
    These wine drinkers grew up with certain wines which were solid family favourites. Pilgrimages were even made during the summer months to the preferred domain and the merits of the estate were firmly exalted around the dinner table if other wines dared to be mentioned. When it is time for the young generation of everyday loyalists to set up their own households, they naturally select the wines the same wines as their parents. Wines: - Château Puygueraud 2015, Francs, Côtes de Bordeaux - Domaine la Genillotte 2016, Chablis Village
  1. The Explorer
    €39.49 €32.64
    Explorers are adventurers, hunters: They seek out obscure grape varieties and regions; they delight in surprising their friends and family with their newest discovery; even if they have difficulty pronouncing the names. When it comes to choosing a wine, they want to be unique; no Chardonnay or Médoc for them! Wines: - Otto Muri 2017, Toscana IGT - Vinding Montecarrubo, Il Picolo 2016, Terra Sicilliana IGT
  1. The Image Seeker
    €134.00 €110.74
    After purchasing the chalet in Verbier, mooring the Yacht in Saint Tropez and driving the rarest of classic cars, the image seekers select wines that reflect themselves: sophisticated, elegant, delicious and expensive, or at least wines that give off the right aura! Wines: - Clos du Château de la Maltroye 2016, Chassagne-Montrachet - La Gravette de Certan 2015, Pomerol
  1. The Wine Expert
    €123.00 €101.65
    Generous, ebullient and extrovert, wine enthusiasts adore entertaining at home (they are horrified by the price of their favourite wines on a restaurant wine list and do not like paying exorbitant corkage charges). They will give you the exact blend of grapes in the Grand Vin in any given vintage and will tell you for how long the wine has been aged in oak barrels and from which forest and cooper. Wines: - Domaine Duroché 2016, Gevrey Chambertin - Domaine Georges Vernay, Les Challées de l'Enfer 2016, Condrieu