Egon Müller's 2022 Offer 

We are absolutely delighted to be able to present you with an offer of Egon Müller’s 2022 wines. Like many Riesling lovers, we really could not have a collection of great German wines, without having a special allocation from Egon Müller. This is the pinnacle of pure, fresh, complex Riesling and once you have tasted these wines, there is no going back….Don’t even think of drinking the Spätleses and higher wines before the 2030s.

We invite you to discover the different wines available in this selection. Below you can find our tasting notes for the different wines and for more in-depth information on the vintage we advise you to read Egon’s weather report

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The 2022 Selection

Scharzhof, Mosel
Kabinett, 2022 - €46,00 VAT incl. 
Very pale platinum colour; a light, captivating nose of slate, peach blossom and wild honey. On the palate there is notable sweetness with a lovely richness of flavour - William's pears, honeysuckle, with an evident saltiness which matches the sweetness well. In the mouth the wine is pure and quite structured with a melon, tangerine fresh reverberation which is very attractive in the finish. Max. 6 btls.

Scharzhofberger, Mosel
Kabinett, 2022 - €144,00 VAT incl. 
Platinum gold, very clear and bright; very expressive nose of peaches, summer fruit and a touch of salinity and rockiness. The first thing that strikes you with this wine is its fruit purity with very clear cut, precise fruit flavours, a touch of lingering sweetness with a lovely natural acidity of lemon and mint which runs through the wine providing great fresh structure. If you open an hour before or decant this wine, you will experience the magical intensity of these wines as they unfurl. I love the clear-cut finish of this wine which assembles all the fruit and salty saltiness in the finish. Max. 3 btls.

Spätlese, 2022 - €200,00 VAT incl. 
Pale platinum colour; fantastic nose of apricots, spice, marmalade, and quince; there is such persistence as the wine builds up gradually in the glass, with succulent power and fruit driven richness. Somehow, mid palate, despite the intensity, the wine’s elegance is surprisingly gracious. This is a gorgeous wine which is a real trail blazer! The flavours just last and last in the finish. Fabulous. Max. 3 btls.

Auslese, 2022 - €631,00 VAT incl. 
If you have any doubt about how hedonistic Egon Müller’s Ausleses can be, this 2022 Scharzhofberger is a fantastic example. This is purity and sweetness in the bottle with extraordinary fruit flavours that range from clover honey, melon, lychees. Everything is so well integrated and balanced that you don't even feel the sweetness. This is a gorgeous wine with an abiding finish of fruit and purity. At the end of the palate, there is a slightly bitter pinprick of grapefruit pips or lemon peel which serves to offset the sweetness. This is the purity of Riesling at its most extreme. Max. 1 btl.

Le Gallais, Wiltinger Braune Kupp, Mosel 
Kabinett, 2022 - €45,45 VAT incl. 
An interesting nose of red rocks, wild herbs, crunchy apple and mint with a touch of reduction which disappears with the swirling of the glass, allowing the flavours to become lively and expressive. The attack is very pure and very appetising with a lovely generosity of fresh pineapple, pears, and melon with an exciting undertow of fresh acidity which drives the wine along. Good structure and a raciness which has a touch of sweetness, but which gives a good raciness to the finish. Gourmet and very refreshing. Max. 3 btls.

Spätlese, 2022 - €104,00 VAT incl. 
Again, the rockiness of the terroir comes out here and a minty freshness, swept in by the northern winds that glide over this vineyard perched high above the river. The acidity balances the very apparent rich, full fruited taste with notes of spice, cinnamon, ripe orchard fruit and Reine Claude plums. This is a lovely rich mouthful of fruit with an inherent sweetness that is so well integrated by the acidity that the whole smells and tastes sweet but the lasting impression in the finish is the purity of the site. Max. 3 btls.

Auslese, 2022 - €169,42 VAT incl. 
Lemon yellow colour; great freshness, floral and sweet in the nose with  interesting flavours of summer flowers, blossom, apricots and peaches. The structure is ripe and creamy, sweet and complete with a richness from the soils and an abiding thread of fruit flavour and purity which lasts for ages in the mouth. These are great wines. Max. 1 btl.

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