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Domaine de Pallus from Chinon

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  1. 0.75l
    Marigny-Neuf (BIO)
    Pinot-Noir Val de Loire
    0.75l Red
    €12.30 €10.17
    This forward-thinking estate located in the southern Loire near Poitiers produces modern, organic, varietal wines which we have worked with for over 25 years. This lovely, open and frank Pinot Noir has a dark, bright crimson colour, and has appetising, rather savoury aromas in the nose of Pata Negra and pepper which develops more floral notes of violets and cherries. On the palate the wine is soft and juicy with flavours of mulberries and plums. Gentle and round but with an interesting, tannic bite towards the end, this is a delicious wine long in the finish, with attractive resonance.

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Make the most of Belgian National Day on Friday, July 21st, with Château de Bousval. 

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As the summer sun paints the sky with golden and azure hues, it's the perfect time to explore the world of fine white wines.

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  • The Miraculous 2022 Vintage
    2022 is a miraculous vintage. It was the year that the vine showed its resilience to climate change and adapted to both the heat and the drought that were present throughout the summer, to make elegant, fresh, fruity wines that often showed the best of the terroirs in which they grow. We have never seen anything like it!
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  • The Brave and Clever Vine
    I want to take you back to the end of August. We were nervous. Talk around us was that yet again, harvesting in Bordeaux was beginning at the earliest dates ever recorded. We walked around our vineyards nervously checking the state of the vine leaves; noticing the cracks in the parched soil; consulting again and again all the different weather apps we had on our telephones. Absolutely not necessary to check our rain monitors; they had been dry for months.
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  • The year of living dangerously
    We have been through quite a roller coaster. When I wrote this introduction at the same time last year, we were preparing for the 2021 wine harvest, unsure as to whether we would have much of a crop after the biblical storms of hail, frost and rain that are vines had endured. It was not until the beginning of 2022 after the third omicron wave of Covid had hit us face on, that we took time in our cellars to assess the vintage. To our great surprise, the wines were lovely and fresh; classic in style with a coolness and a minerality which suited the autumn fruit flavours. It is a vintage which will grow in stature as the wines age.
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