Expert Tips for Storing and Serving Summer Wines

During the warm days of summer, proper storage and serving of wines are essential for maximum pleasure.

For white wines and rosé, it is recommended to store them at temperatures ranging from 7 to 13°C, depending on their body. Light-bodied whites and rosé should be chilled slightly more to maintain their crisp and lively flavors. On the other hand, full-bodied whites do not to be served so cold so that their lush textures and aromas can be more expressive.

Regarding summer reds the ideal storage temperature is between 14 and 18°C. Lighter-bodied, they can benefit from a quick 15-minute chill in the refrigerator, ensuring their vibrant fruit flavours take center stage.

By following these expert tips, you can unlock the full potential of each bottle, enriching your summer get-togethers and creating unforgettable moments filled with exceptional wines and delightful memories. 

  1. 0.75l
    Marigny-Neuf (BIO)
    Pinot-Noir Val de Loire
    0.75l Red
    €12.30 €10.17
    This forward-thinking estate located in the southern Loire near Poitiers produces modern, organic, varietal wines which we have worked with for over 25 years. This lovely, open and frank Pinot Noir has a dark, bright crimson colour, and has appetising, rather savoury aromas in the nose of Pata Negra and pepper which develops more floral notes of violets and cherries. On the palate the wine is soft and juicy with flavours of mulberries and plums. Gentle and round but with an interesting, tannic bite towards the end, this is a delicious wine long in the finish, with attractive resonance.