Thienpont Tasting Sessions

This year, we’d love to help make your Christmas memorable. Whether you’re planning for grand feasts or intimate parties, shopping for wine lovers, we have just the bottles you need to inspire and delight in our selection.

Since 1842, we’ve been guiding our customers to find exceptional fine wines and remarkable gifts. We are eager to continue this service and welcome you to our Hof te Cattebeke, the beating heart of Thienpont Wine.

As of now, our team will be at your service for a one-on-one tasting and advice session. Discover our festive selection of dinner party wines and enjoy our expert advice on food pairing for the holidays. This in all safety with all covid measures in mind of course.

Book your appointment now and we will have our wines ready.
Please note that your reservation is only valid after personal confirmation by one of our wine experts.

Covid safety measures

  • Book your appointment in advance
  • Respect the booked time slot
  • If you can't make it, please contact us so that we can reschedule