One date, four restaurants, fourteen winemakers.

On Friday, October 22nd 2021 at 19h30, we are pleased to invite you for our winemakers dinners.
We offer four gastronomic experiences in four different restaurants in the region,
each in presence of exceptional winemakers. We invite you to take a look at each of these fabulous dinners.

We hope to welcome you for this unique evening.

Saturday October 23rd, Jacques & Fiona and their team also invite you to their Autumn Tasting
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Attilio Sarcone, Christophe Bristiel, Elías López Montero, François de Nicolay, Javier Domecq Velarde & Jochen Dreissigacker
Restaurant Paul de Pierre - Etikhove

Menu at €100 euro/p.p.

Info & Reservations

Ghislaine Barthod, Louis Boillot & Pietro Ratti
Restaurant Lys d'Or - Ghent

Menu at €150 euro/p.p.

Info & Reservations

Cyrille Thienpont, Jacques Thienpont & Michel Verhaeghe de Naeyer
Restaurant Le Vieux Château - Flobecq

Menu at €175 euro/p.p.

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Alexander Van Beek, Jean-Charles Cazes & Véronique Sanders
Restaurant Castor** - Waregem

Menu at €215 euro/p.p.

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