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This page was last adapted on 14/11/2016

We are well aware of the confidence you have in us and believe that it is our responsibility to protect your private life. On this page, we will show you the type of information which we collect when you visit our web site; explain why we gather these details and in which way they help us improve your use of our website.

This confidentiality declaration is valid for the services provided by J. Thienpont BVBA, the parent company of Thienpont Wine. We are in no way responsable for the confidentiality declaration on other sites or sources. When you visit our web site, this implies that you accept our confidentiality policy. Thienpont Wine respects the private life of every user on our web site and treats all personal details provided with complete confidentiality.

  Using our Services

Once you subscribe to one of our services, we will ask you for your personal details. This information is used to deliver that service to you. The information that you provide us with is stored on the secured servers of Thienpont Wine or those of a third party. We will not link these contact details with those that we already have on file.


When we send an email or other messgae, it is highly likely that we will keep thse messages. Sometimes we ask for personal details which are relevant to a particular situation. These will enable us to reply to your questions and deal with your requests. These details are stored on the secured servers of Thienpont Wine or those of a third party. We will not link these details with those that we already have on file.


We gather information and details in order to explore ways of better understanding our clients’ needs and to improve our services.

This web site uses « cookies » (small amounts of information that the web site will put on the hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a later time). This helps us to analyze how you use our web site. The information gathered by these cookies can be stored on the secured servers of Thienpont Wine or those of a third party. We will use this information to analyze web site useage, to write reports on the various web activities and to offer other services through our web site activities and our use of the internet.


Nous ne rassemblons ou employons aucune information à d’autres fins que celles décrites dans cette déclaration de confidentialité, excepté dans les cas où nous vous aurons envoyé au préalable une demande explicite.

   Third Parties

We do not gather or use information for any other purposes than those described in this confidentiality declaration, except in the situation where we contact you in advance with a specific request.


This confidentiality declaration is applicable for the use and the capacity of this web site. Changes or adaptations to our site could lead to certain changes to this confidentiality declaration. We advise you to consult this declaration on a regular basis.

  Choice of personal details

Every user of the web site can re-read, change or delete the personal details that he/she has provided us.

  Change or unsubscribe to the newsletter

At the bottom of each newsletter, is a link which enables you to change your details or unsubscribe.

  Refusing Cookies

Most of the search engines are configured to accept cookies but you can reconfiguere them in such a way that they will refuse cookies or alert you to the fact that a cookie is being used. It is up to you to refuse these cookies; however certain functions and services on our site and on other sites will no longer be able to function correctly.

  Questions and follow-up

We regular check to see if our confidentiality policy is being respected. If you have any questions regarding this policy, you may contact us at any time.

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