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The Bordeaux 2023 presale is in full swing,
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  1. 0.75l
    Beaumont des Crayères
    Brut - Grande Réserve Champagne
    0.75l White
    €30.20 €24.96
    Created in 1955, this group of Epernay producers make wines from 75 hectares of vineyards. Cuvée de Réserve is a blend of three vintages and predominately made from black varieties. Refined and elegant with a lovely taste of toasty brioche, almonds and ripe fruits. A little known Champagne at a very reasonable price, which often ranks above some of its more famous counterparts in blind tastings.

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My friend and wine writer extraordinaire, Jancis Robinson M.W. answers to the most frequently asked questions about wine.

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  • The age of modern Burgundy
    The 2022 vintage seems to have truly marked the coming of age of modern Burgundy. There is a sense of turning the page, of embracing organic and regenerative viticulture, of the transmission between generations and an optimism that growers can overcome whatever climate change throws their way.
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  • Regenerating Our Vineyards
    Following a series of difficult vintages, mainly provoked by the challenges of climate change - drought, frost, mildew, heatwaves, hail - to cite just a few examples, you may have noticed how different many vineyards look today compared to the tightly manicured rows of a decade ago. Today wine growers are questioning the traditional way of safeguarding the health of their vines that used synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to grow grapes.
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  • Betting on the Underdogs
    Last weekend, I took advantage of the rain and cold to snuggle up with my favourite part of our yearly wine guide, the “Kelder Restjes” or “Fonds du Cave.” These are the wines that we only have left in small quantity, and it understandably is the first part of the wine guide that our clients dive into.
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