L'Hêtre 2020

To celebrate the start of the harvest season, we are pleased to release the 2020 vintage of L'Hêtre

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  1. 0.75l
    Château de Bousval
    Gouttes d'O Vin de Pays des Jardins de Wallonie
    0.75l White
    €22.00 €18.18
    Unfurling gently with aeration, this Chardonnay has good ripe sweet fruit on the nose, balanced by a saline, tangy scent which leads to pure, crystalline orchard fruit flavours with notes of bergamot and white almond blossom. There is good energy here and long lasting fruit on the palate; a wine with a very bright future. Beautifully balanced and silky, this is an excellent wine for fish and seafood.

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