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Saturday March 16th

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  1. Deze fles is 0.75l
    Château de Respide
    Classique Graves
    0.75l White
    €9.00 €7.44
    Chateau De Respide is a very well-made, modern Graves produced from a blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Semillon grapes. After picking, the grapes go through a short period of maceration on the skins before aging on their fine lees. The wine has a bright pale yellow colour, an expressive nose of white blossom, citrus fruit and fresh meadows and on the palate the wine is attractively fruity, balanced and persistent with a very refreshing zesty finish. Chateau De Respide is one of the oldest wine estates in Bordeaux, belonging formerly to Louis XIV’s police officers. The painter Toulouse Lautrec was a frequent visitor and although the château was later sold, the vineyards and cellars have been in the hands of the Bonnet family since the 1950s.

... with Master of Wine Fiona Morrison and her book "De grote wijnfamilies".
More than 2000 copies sold!


Domaine du Pélican, Jura


Get to know Edouard Moueix
whose famous family own some of
the greatest estates in Saint Emilion and Pomerol.

Featured Wines
  1. Deze fles is 0.75l
    Château Phélan Ségur
    0.75l Red
    €30.90 €25.54
  2. Deze fles is 0.75l
    Domaine des Valanges
    En crèches, Hors Classe Saint-Véran
    0.75l White
    €15.50 €12.81
  3. Deze fles is 0.75l
    Les Fillottes
    0.75l Red
    €70.00 €57.85
  4. Deze fles is 0.75l
    Domaine Thomas
    Le Pierrier Sancerre
    0.75l White
    €14.70 €12.15
Wine news
  • Meaningful wines
    I’ve never been a fan of “dry January” believing that it is not which wine you drink that matters but how you drink. As the long dark nights drag on and the weather is dull, we all need a bit of comfort at the beginning of the year. Moderation is of course important but there is so much more to wine than alcohol and calories.
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  • The 2018 Harvest in Bordeaux – Weird and Wonderful
    You would have thought that with over 20 harvests under my belt, (for Jacques is it over 40), we have seen it all and it is easy to blithely compare the current vintage to a previous one. The 2018 vintage was so bizarre that even the 2016 vintage which was another “Janus” vintage of one-half year wet and one-half year dry, makes for a difficult comparison.
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  • Why Family-owned wineries work best
    For the last year, I have spent time visiting ten extraordinary family-run wine estates throughout Europe researching a book on Great Wine Families which will be published this month by Lannoo in Dutch.  I wanted to examine the changes that have happened in the wine world over the last few decades and understand the reasons why some producers have had enormous success and have risen to the top of the wine hierarchy.  What are the ingredients that help some producers survive? 
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