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Here is our rosé selection to get you in the mood for spring.

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Wine of the month
  1. Weingut Dreissigacker
    Organic Riesling Trocken Rheinhessen
    0,75l White
    €11.20 €9.26
    Jochen Dreissigacker is justifiably proud of his 2016 wines. Based in the Rheinhessen, he farms organically in the region of Bechtheim. This Riesling is hand harvested and fermented at cool temperatures to preserve the natural purity and fruitiness. It has lovely, crunchy, green apple fruit and acidity, with good concentration which makes itself felt on the palate. This is an elegant, very well balanced with great stone fruit flavours. Serve with salads, fish and vegetable dishes.

In this column, several of us at Thienpont Wine will tell you what we have been drinking and how the wines tasted including trying to give you an update on how a wine is aging.

This month our Commercial Director, Charles Van Havre, shares his observations on the 2014 Château La Roque De By.

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We would be happy to help you with your trip by giving you some good addresses and Châteaux to visit in Bordeaux.


We are delighted to announce the newest addition to the portfolio of Thienpont own label wines, a delicious Thienpont Bordeaux Supérieur 2016.


Looking for an exclusive? See our bin ends here. 

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This month we would like to put Pierre Graffeuille from Domaines Delon in St. Julien in the spotlight as our producer of the month. 

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Featured Wines
  1. Terra de Lisa La Llosa
    Côtes du Roussillon Villages
    0,75l Red
    €7.34 €6.07
  2. Château Clauzet
    0,75l Red
    €17.30 €14.30
  3. Menade
    2015 Menade
    Verdejo Rueda D.O.
    0,75l White
    €9.60 €7.93
  4. Marigny-Neuf
    Sauvignon Val de Loire
    0,75l White
    €8.75 €7.23
    Out of stock
Wine news
  • Alcohol and Wine
    I read this morning that more than 90,000 people in Belgium have signed up for a month without alcohol, at this year's Tournée Minérale (a play on words for the term “Tournée Général”, meaning a round of drinks).
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  • Peering into 2018
    It is crystal ball time; the moment when I take a step back and reflect on the future of the wine business and try and predict the trends and movements that will be influencing the wine world in 2018.
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  • The birth of the 2017 vintage
    Not for a long time in Bordeaux has their been a trio of great vintages and even if we think this has happened on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, it might be several years before some people believe us.
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